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thespicerack's Journal

The Witching Hour - The Spice Rack
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All Members , Moderated
The Witching Hour Harry Potter Convention

Why "the Spice Rack?"

The Spice Rack came about during a game of telephone at a Room of Requirement at the Witching Hour Convention. What started off as "Aragog made happy spider noises" turned into "Harry shook his spice rack" after being passed through a dozen people, and like many silly things in this fandom, it needed to be immortalized in community form.

Who can join?

If you were at the Witching Hour, you can join.

What should you post?

Stuff from the Witching Hour - pictures, quotes, stories, etc.

You got a problem with that?

Flames will be used to roast marshmallows. And then we'll make you wait for the shuttle.

Rules can be changed at the moderators' whim. And there are, like, 27 of us.